In the personal account held by 7,300,000 taxpayer-owned real estate owners at TAXISnet will be posted at the end of August the new ENFIA clearing for 2019 with the tax reported to be moderately reduced by 22% or 465 million euros in total.

According to the Independent Public Revenue Authority, “in view of the commencement of the work to clear ENFIA, the application for the submission of the E9 year 2019 will be closed from 11am on Friday 16 August and until 31 August.

Also, the application for Submission of Real Estate 2020 will not be available on August 16 and from 11am to 3pm. All other functions of the Property (such as the Certificate of Trustees, E9 year 2010 – 2018 submissions) will be available normally throughout the business. “

In the case of spouses and where each has real estate rates, the ENFIA clearance is issued separately for each spouse. In fact, if a spouse does not yet have entry codes to the TAXISnet system, he or she will have to follow the key issuance procedure in order to be able to access his tax return and tax ID.

The resulting tax must be paid in five monthly installments, unless the Tax Office offsets the total amount of debt to Enfia with a possible tax refund that the taxpayer has yet to pay. If this happens, the citizen will lose the privilege of paying the ENFIA in monthly installments as part or all of the tax will be offset by the refund that has been incurred in clearing his tax return.

Payment of the 1st tranche will have to be made by September 30, which will coincide with the 2nd tranche payment of income tax. The next installments will be due at the end of October, November, December and January 2020. There is no provision for a tax deduction in case of single payment of tax. Those who wish to pay interest-free tax should use the banks’ credit card programs. On the other hand, the Tax Office enables the repayment of ENFIA through the regular settlement of up to 12 interest-bearing installments at an annual interest rate of 5%.

If one pays the whole amount of ENFIA will not get any discount as it used to be for income tax and real estate tax.

Under the recently passed law, millions of homeowners will see a 30% to 10% reduction in this year’s payrolls, compared to a 22% average rate cut.

In particular, the NFIA deductions depending on the level of the fair value of all citizens’ real estate are as follows:

  • For real estate value up to 60,000 euros: 30% reduction.
  • For real estate up to 70,000 euros: 27% reduction.
  • For real estate up to 80,000 euros: 25% reduction.
  • For real estate value up to EUR 1,000,000: 20% reduction.
  • For real estate value over EUR 1,000,000: 10% reduction.

Extra tax deductions

It is worth pointing out that this year tax exemptions and NFIA reductions will also apply based on strict income and asset criteria. Complete exemption from ENFIA will be granted on the basis of income and other criteria to families with three or more children and those with a disability of 80% or more.

Specifically, as regards the 100% exemption criterion of income from the ENFIA, married with three dependent members should have an annual family income (actual or implicit) of up to 16,000 euros, married with four dependent members up to 17,000 euros, with five dependent members 18,000 euro and so on

In the case of a married couple with two dependents where one has an 80% disability and above the income criterion is set at 15,000 euros. These incomes are for 2018 and were reported to the Tax Office this year. Also, the total area of ​​the buildings occupied by the taxpayer and other members of his family shall not exceed 150 square meters.

On the other hand, the reduced amount of tax resulting from the new provisions will result in an additional 50% deduction of ENFIA under the following conditions – criteria: the total annual taxable family income in 2018 should not exceed EUR 9,000 if it is unmarried , EUR 10,000 for a couple without children, EUR 11,000 for a couple with one child and EUR 12,000 for a couple with two children.

At the same time, in order for the tax deduction to apply the total area of ​​the family buildings should not exceed 150 square meters and the total objective value of the real estate to be up to 85,000 euros for single, 150,000 for single child or single parent family. a child and 200,000 euros if they are married with up to two dependent children or a single parent family with two dependent children.

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