More detailed covid statistics for Kefalonia versus Zakynthos & Corfu

For awareness this is the report we use to base our daily covid statistics on.

This was yesterdays raw Greece wide data and is useful information following the news spreading around social media and the Press regarding changes in FCDO advice potentially being a glimpse of the UK green list with some Greek islands seemingly included and some not.

As you can see when you look at the statistics where we have highlighted Kefalonia versus Corfu and Zakynthos the pure covid numbers for our island are very good versus the other two, hopefully the lack of ICU here will not impact on its rating from the UK especially as this year there will be more vaccinated and PCR checked travellers than last year. 

covid-gr-daily-report-20210503.el.en (1)

If you look at vaccination statistics yesterday

Corfu has completed 20,446 1 st doses assuming population of 102,000 that  20% vaccinated

Zakynthos has completed 7,041 1 st doses assuming population of 40,759 that  17.3% vaccinated

Kefalonia has completed 8,500 1 st doses assuming population of 35,000 that  24.3% vaccinated


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