More on Night Time Electric Tariff and Steps to Changeover

PPC: New Summer Hours – How many hours do you get to save 


In force from May 1, 2019 to October 31, 2019, the summer hours of PPC are set

Household Invoice (with Time Charge) CIN is a double-billed invoice, ie 24-hour consumer charges, charged at different rates, the Domestic Invoice Price C1 at “Day” billing hours and reduced “Night” in times of reduced billing.

The benefit of using it according to the invoice:

-When you use ultra-high-power appliances during the night (reduced charge times) 
-In all cases if your total day, and night consumption is more than 800 kWh in four 
months -When your 4-month consumption (day and night) is less than 800 kWh if the night consumption is at least 150 kWh 
You can get the most economic benefit from the home tariff with a fixed charge:

If you schedule, for example, a timer, some energy-intensive electrical appliances, such as a washing machine, dishwasher, water heater, and heaters, will operate at reduced charge times. If you use the electric cooker, the electric iron and the air conditioners, especially during the hours of reduced charging. 
You also benefit from 24-hour electrical appliances (eg the refrigerator, freezer, electronic devices on hold) because 1/3 of the energy they consume will be charged at the reduced night price. Also the consumption of night light bulbs will be charged at low prices.

 Do You Have The Special Meter? Step-by-step guide [images]

How do I see if I can use the night current?
Night stream is a setting that does not apply to all households and some basic conditions have to be met.

To find out if you have the special night charge, you should do one of the following:

1. Contact your phone provider and ask if you have the charge for night charging by giving your service number.
2. Check the account you are receiving

Look for the characteristic letter “N” next to your program on the front of your account.

For example, PPC is referred to as the G1N Household Invoice (compared to the simple one that is C1). Similarly, other providers have the “N” attribute next to the program we have chosen.

On the back of the clearing account, the “fixed charge” is shown in detail, and below is the charge of the kilowatt hours consumed during the hours of the night current.

Example of an alternative provider. The “N” next to the house invoice / Photo: iEFIMERIDA is visible
3. Check your delivery gauge

To have a night stream in our house, the flow meter has to be a double burner.

You should, therefore, find out if the counter has two consoles. One is marked K and the other is M (night).

To be sure you can check whether the “M” (moving)

A double gauge that records separately the power consumption at night / Photo: Facebook
4. Check the home panel

In some cases there is an indicator lamp on the home panel, which is connected to the additional service pipe. If the night light is on the night light, then use the night invoice.

How do I turn on the night service if I do not already have it
If you find that you have no night power supply you can do the following:

-To visit an EEDE Service Desk with a Power Account with you with your ID and ID of your Tax ID, to apply for it

– Apply your application by phone to 11500, provided the electricity bill is issued in your name.

Please note that the consumer’s participation in the time-charged meter facility amounts to € 34, plus VAT.

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