More snow forecast for Ainos later this week and icy strong winds across Kefalonia by the weekend

According to the latest forecasts over the coming days we expect a change of weather on our island.
From the second half of Thursday, through Friday and through about the early hours of Saturday we will have occasional rain and possible thunderstorms.
In the area of Ainos high enough we will have some snowfall.
Winds will blow from west-southwest directions to 4-6 Beaufort with a maximum temperature of 12-14 degrees Celsius.
Through Saturday we expect a turn and gust of winds from northwestern addresses which will gradually reach 7-9 Beaufort transferring colder air masses with the temperature to begin to drop.
Continuing the low temperature scenario for several days remains strong while the possibility of some snowfall here things are not clear yet.
We will keep you updated……
Source – kefalonia weather

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