More than 4 Million euros in fines for violating the measures

As of Friday, April 3, the total amount of fines imposed throughout Greece amounted to 4,253,700 euros for violations of the traffic ban, as well as the suspension of store operations, in order to avoid the spread of the coronation. . “Measures aimed at protecting the health of citizens and not their punishment”, the press representative of EL.AS, Ioanna Rotziokou, characteristically emphasizes in the Athenian-Macedonian News Agency.

In particular, according to the Hellenic Police Headquarters, from Monday, March 23, when the measure for unnecessary travel began, until Friday, April 3, 17,358 violations were confirmed throughout the country and fines of 150 euros were imposed, respectively. with the total amount amounting to 2,603,700 euros. It is noted that most violations have been confirmed in Attica, followed by Thessaloniki, the Ionian Islands and Western Greece.

As for the operation of stores, despite the relevant ban, a total of 330 violations were confirmed by April 3, which are punishable by a fine of 5,000 euros. Thus, the total amount of fines for these violations reaches 1,650,000 euros.

It is noted that, as members of the government have pointed out, a significant part of the amount collected from the fines will be allocated in favor of strengthening the NSS.

As for the citizens against whom a violation has been confirmed, they can submit their objections to the Service, from which the violation was confirmed, according to EL.AS. Due to the corona, however, objections can be lodged either by fax or by e-mail.

According to the provisions of the current legislation, if these objections are rejected or if they are not even submitted, then within fifteen days the offender may pay the specific fine either to the Hellenic Post Office or to the cash register of the Local Authorities. . Otherwise, within a period of two months, the fine may be paid to the beneficiary Municipality. In case it is not paid within the specified period, then the debt is considered overdue and is transferred by the beneficiary Municipality to the relevant Tax Office.

“It is important that the majority of citizens have complied with the measures taken to avoid and reduce the spread of coronary heart disease and for this the Greek Police warmly thanks them,” said Ms. Rotziokou. “The goal of EL.AS for the next period of time is the implementation of the new measures that have been decided, the protection of citizens’ property, as well as the consolidation of the sense of security.”

At the same time, police checks have intensified across the country in recent times. In particular, intensive inspections are carried out systematically, from one end of Greece to the other, at key points of the national and provincial network, at the entrances and exits of urban centers, at toll stations, as well as in places where congestion may occur. such as at bus stops, in places outside supermarkets, pharmacies and banks. For this reason, all police personnel are available to carry out patrols and inspections, while the offices of the offices have the necessary personnel to carry out the absolutely necessary bureaucratic procedures.

“At this stage, our highest priority is the protection of our fellow citizens and the preservation of the good of public health,” said the representative of EL.AS. “It should be clear to everyone that this is a critical time for both our country and the world. The measures taken are aimed at reducing the chances of transmitting the virus. Therefore, the farther one goes from one’s home, which should be a point of reference for one’s travels, the more likely one is to get along with other people. Therefore, the more likely it is that the virus will be transmitted.

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