Mosialos opinion on 3,000 tests on Britons at Greek airports no one was found with coronavirus

The news of the first coronavirus tests on British tourists announced last week was positive. Elias Mosialos comments on the news .

As it was announced, in about 3,000 tests that were done in the first two days of the opening of the borders at the entrance gates to British tourists, no one was found positive for the coronavirus . Elias Mosialos in a post on Facebook a few days ago explained how it is possible that there was no body.

Elias Mosialos for the fact that they were not found at the airports positive for coronavirus British tourists
Several friends asked me how it is possible that about 3000 tests were performed on tourists who came from England and no one came out positive?

We know that the management of the initial phase of the pandemic in England was disastrous. Thousands of people lost their lives. In recent weeks, however, the pandemic has been under control with the exception of some parts of the north of England. In London (9 million inhabitants) we now have 40-70 cases a day. In England, however, the majority of citizens have now returned to the new normality.

Is it possible to have an increase in cases? It is but the size will depend on the implementation of lockdown de-escalation measures. Will we have imported cases from England? We will, but we can reduce the risk a lot . Tests must be continuous and at the same time we must systematically monitor the evolution of the pandemic in Great Britain and in all the countries from which we receive visitors and tourists.

We can not eliminate the risk (after all, we have domestic cases not only imported) but reduce it significantly. If we close our borders for a long time, the effects on the economy and the labor market will be significant. So while we will reduce one risk (imported cases) we will greatly increase another. The danger of finding many of our compatriots unemployed. The economic crisis will have a significant impact on the health of unemployed citizens . We will reduce a health problem (imported cases) but at the same time create a much bigger one (deterioration of the health level due to unemployment).

From the beginning of the crisis I had stressed that managing a pandemic is risk management. It is not possible to square the circle: not to follow the measures and not to have domestic cases. To close the borders and not have a financial problem.

Therefore, what we need to do is to observe the measures (natural distance, masks, hand hygiene) and to strengthen the controls at the entrance gates of the country but also in general to reduce both domestic and imported cases.

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