Mosquito Reduction Program in Kefalonia (2nd spray period)

Following our recent recent  article regarding the spread of The West Nile Virus in Greece the municipality is planning its second routine spraying program next week.


MONDAY 22/07/2019

Argostoli and Livathos area including Koutovagos, Airport , Lassi, Karavados, Trapezaki, Lourdas

TUESDAY 07.23.2019 

Lixouri Peninsula inlcuding,, Vatsa, Linada, Megas Lakkis, Kouneptra, Mantzavinata

WEDENESDAY 07.24.2019 


THURSDAY 07.25.2019 

Sami Area including Karavalymos and Skala, Katelios, Poros, Valeriano

FRIDAY 07.26.2019 

Assos, Fiscardo, Aghia Efemia, 

Sprays are for communal use and are carried out with approved formulations. In areas requiring protection, a biological preparation that does not affect humans and animals is used.

No sprays are provided in private rooms (dwellings). In such cases, it is necessary to take individual protection measures, to eliminate stagnant water outbreaks and to spray mosquito nets by private means.

Many of the mosquitoes are born and live on our balcony, courtyards or fields.

So we can also contribute to reducing the population of mosquitoes:

  • By removing stagnant water from basins, vases, pots, gutters, old tires and watering boots, outdoor boots, etc. so that mosquitoes do not have access to ponds where they lay their eggs.

  • Watering plants and flowers preferably in the morning.

  • By regularly trimming grass, shrubs, foliage and pruning trees (places that find shelter adult mosquitoes).

  • By using insecticides in the air (aerosol-tablets-snakes, etc.). Insecticides should not be applied to the skin. The manufacturer’s instructions must be observed. They should not be applied to the skin.

  • By using fans (especially ceiling) or air conditioners in the rooms.

  • Using yellow lamps for outdoor lighting.

  • By spraying the outside of the houses (walls, outside windows, trees in yards, etc.) with special preparations, by a scientist with a professional license for biocidal preparations for insect and rodent control.

  • With frequent cleaning of stables and warehouses.

  • If we have a swimming pool, we put the cleaning filter into operation every day or cover the whole surface with a suitable material.


  • Use appropriate clothing such as long sleeves, hats and trousers. More efficient are broad and light clothing.
  • Often cleaning baths to remove sweat.
  • Individual use of essential oils in uncovered parts of the body, such as citronella, eucalyptus.
  • Use approved insect repellents on unseen skin and over clothing, as instructed by the manufacturer.

CAUTION: for each insect repellent to be used, the instructions for use of the preparation or device should be followed.

When mosquito control programs are implemented in our area, we also need insect repellents because these programs do not reduce the risk and individual protection is important.







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