Most of Greece’s VW’s near the Rio Bridge!

The Club of Air Cooled Cars – VW’s were in Nafpaktos on the weekend to cut their club ‘s New Year’ s Vasilica pie with its members.

At the same time, however, this trip was for a good purpose, as the club’s president, Mr Amourgis, said as they gathered goods for the Ark of Love in Patras during the trip, wherever the group’s next stop would be.

Check out the beautiful cars that filled Nafpaktos at the weekend.

also near Rio and Patras

as well as a fun ride out it was also providing charitable aid to The Ark of Love detailed and arranged by Charis Amourgis (VW Aircooled club Kefalonia).

Sources – FB post of Charis Amourgis & Chris Ball/

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