Municipalities -Correct Square Meterage of Properties : This is how the KEDE platform will work -When it opens

Next week, according to, KEDE’s online platform will be ready in which thousands of property owners will be able to submit statements to municipalities to correct the details of their real estate surfaces in order to benefit from it. favorable regulation of paragraph 51 of article 51 of Law 4647/2019, which will exempt them from fines and retroactive charges with city taxes and municipal fees for the square meters that they had left undisclosed in the five-year period 2015-2019.

How the platform will work

According to the same information, the platform will be posted on the website of the State (probably on and citizens will enter it with taxisnet codes and via E9 that will be displayed on their screen they will be able to submit their property declarations in all municipalities in the country. Then the relevant declarations will be sent to the competent municipalities, where the corrections will be made.

Note that KEDE, after discussing this with the Ministries of Interior and Digital Governance, undertook to create a platform for all municipalities in the country that would cost very little (just 20,000 euros) compared to what it would cost. if each of the 332 municipalities, as the original thinking was (the municipality of Glyfada originally did) was creating its own. After all, it is well known that the new KEDE president and Trikka Mayor Dimitris Papastergiou is a big fan of e-government and the solutions provided by modern technologies and his goal after Trikala is to implement them centrally for all municipalities, .

Weaknesses of municipalities

At the same time, the reason for the creation of an electronic platform by KEDE, so that declarations can be centrally made and the data sent to the relevant TABs, is that many municipalities in the country are unable to accept the necessary corrective actions. statements and cannot serve their citizens who are interested in being subject to the regulation of Law 4647/2019, with the serious risk that the whole project for its implementation will be blown up.

This arrangement, which was legislated at the initiative of the Minister of the Interior at the request of the Pan-Hellenic Federation of Real Estate Owners (POMIDA), provides in particular that: , fees and levies to first degree TABs may submit a statement with the correct details up to 31-3-2020, without penalties for failure to submit or incorrect declaration. Differences in the corresponding taxes, fees and levies from the statements in the preceding subparagraph shall be calculated and shall be due only from 1 to 1-2020. “

Who the statement is about

Among those who have inaccurately stated for many years the square meters of their ownership of municipalities, those who have recently renovated arbitrary buildings, as well as those who have left undisclosed to municipalities the whole property have the potential to fall into this arrangement. For owners subject to this arrangement, the surcharge for city taxes and municipal fees will start to be calculated from 1 -20-2020. The deadline for submitting required statements is March 31, 2020, but Mr. Theodorikakos has announced that the deadline will be extended to June 30, 2020, for vacancies and non-powered properties so that their owners do not may incur municipal charges.

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