Municipality of Argostoli: Call for Businesses to Install Fat Collectors

Regarding the unpleasant odours emitted by the Wastewater Treatment Plants and Sewer Networks, a significant share of the responsibility lies with the fats and oils that enter the municipal wastewater largely as a by-product of the operation of public businesses. Current legislation requires the separation and removal of fats and oils before they enter the sewer system.

In particular, according to Article 5 (7) of Regulation (EC) No 47829/2017 , companies that produce cooking oil waste must:

  • Separate used cooking fats and oils before they enter the sewer system and collect them for disposal or disposal in accordance with national and Community law as always applicable.
  • Install and operate suitable grease collectors so that any fats and oils that cannot be separated at source are trapped in them.
  • Enter into contracts with approved grease and oil companies.
  • Maintain a clean-up record (contracts, documents) and other information to support the application of the above requirements.
  • Install the grease tank in accordance with the applicable international technical standards.

As part of the preparation for the new tourist season and in order to improve the operation of the Wastewater Treatment Plant and the sewerage network of the city of Argostoli, the Municipality of Argostoli invites all obliged companies to apply the legislation and proceed with the installation of grease collectors.

It informs the interested businessmen that in the near future, the existence of a fat collector will be a prerequisite for concluding a concession for the placement of bank seats or for maintaining an active concession.

It goes without saying that the City desires maximum social participation and consensus in order to achieve the goal of a clean and sustainable city together.

The Mayor of Argostoli

Theophilus Michalatos

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