Municipality of Argostoli: Census information if you have not completed one yet

We inform the residents of the Municipality of Argostoli that those who have not been registered yet can be listed as follows:

A. Electronic Inventory / Self-Inventory

Via the platform in the section Citizen and Everyday
or through search   Population – Housing Census 2021 –

For the electronic self-inventory, the unique “Inventory Code” of your home / household is necessary. If you do not have the password, please email your details (name, address, phone) to email   g. antonatou @ statistics. gr

B. Physical inventory / Door-Door

The ELSTAT Inventor visits every house that was not registered electronically , obligatorily applying the current measures for the protection of public health.

  • If the household wishes for a live interview , the questionnaire will be completed either inside or outside the home, in compliance with the applicable public health protection measures. At the end of the interview, the Inventory Certificates will be given for the people who will be inventoried.
  • If the household does not want a live interview :
  • The Enumerator will leave the printed questionnaire to the household and will agree on the day and time of receipt of the completed questionnaire at which time he will give the Inventory Certificates for the people who will be enumerated.


  • The Enumerator will make a telephone appointment to complete the questionnaire, by telephone interview and will agree on the day and time when he will deliver the Inventory Certificates to the people to be enumerated.

 If the enumerator has not yet passed, call 2671022503 and 2671029015 In case the phones do not answer, please insist, because when the line is busy, it seems to be calling normally.

 If the enumerator has passed and did not find you, contact him on the phone he left you in the relevant document (you can also register by phone) or call 2671022503 and 2671029015, or send an email with your details (name, address , telephone) at the email address  and we will contact you.

In any case of a problem, regarding your inventory, apart from the above telephone numbers, you can contact the Office of the Mayor of the Municipality of Argostoli at 2671360159

The inventory determines the future of our Municipality for the next 10 years.

We are enumerated in the place where we live. We all count.       


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