Municipality of Lixouri: Cooperation agreement with KATs for the management of stray pets

The purpose of the cooperation is, mainly:
1. tackling the phenomenon of stray pets within its administrative boundaries Lixouri ,
2. the protection and care for their well-being and
3. informing, in any way, the residents of the Municipality who are in possession of pets, about their obligations towards their animals, the administrative and criminal sanctions arising from Law 4039/2012 in case of violation of its provisions and generally the need to show respect for life in whatever form we encounter it.
The object of the cooperation is the following actions which can be performed by the Animal Welfare Association in addition to the Municipality:
1. The collection of animals by the staff of the animal welfare association in collaboration with the employees of the Municipality, within its limits. The collection workshop consists of people trained for this purpose who have the knowledge and experience of capturing animals and possess their handling techniques. Animal abuse is prohibited during meditation. The collection team is guided in its work by a veterinarian appointed by the Municipality or by the Animal Welfare Association
2. The marking and recording – identification of each pet is done by placing the electronic identification system preferably on the left outer side of the animal’s neck, another position is behind the ear (responder transceiver) The transceiver is a passive radio frequency identification device for reading only , according to the ISO 11784 standard and HDX or FDX-B technology and can be read by a reader compatible with the ISO 11784 standard and is registered in the Internet Electronic Database (DIB) for marking and registration of pets and their owners. The marking will be done in parts and will have been preceded by information, always in the presence of the competent employee of the Municipality
3. The search for the owner when this is found during the collection of the stray pet and the attempt to return to it.
4. The neutering of stray pets male and female. Preferably the females are sterilized first. As neutered animals, they are not reintegrated into their natural environment if their health has not been fully restored and after a relevant opinion of the veterinarian or veterinarian contracted with the Municipality who cooperates with the Animal Welfare Association. Sterilization is a veterinary procedure performed by a veterinarian who is legally practicing the veterinary profession.
5. The adoption, the animals that are deemed appropriate, after a veterinary opinion and a positive suggestion of the Municipality, to be adopted, to be signaled directly electronically and to be registered in the Internet Database with the full details of their temporary and final owner and subjected to deportation .
6. The search of an interested owner for adoption and recording of his details for further control by the competent official for his suitability.
7. The completion, after consultation with the competent service, of the “Declaration of Animal Location by a new owner” between the Municipality Lixouri and of the owner concerned, in accordance with Annex 4 of the law 4039/2012.
8. The auxiliary contribution to the process of adoption of stray pets by an interested new owner, who is not a permanent resident of Greece, under the supervision of the competent service.
9. The movement of stray pets with vehicles of the shelter, if necessary. The movement of stray animals for hospitality, sterilization or hospitalization in the veterinary clinic contracted with the Municipality can be carried out in cases of need by the private vehicles of the volunteer members of the Association.
10. The reintegration of stray pets that are not adopted and are considered healthy in the area from which they were collected, within the administrative boundaries of the Municipality, provided that they already have or are marked, recorded, subjected to deworming, vaccinated and sterilized.
11. Their reintegration does not take place near hospitals, schools, archeological sites, airports and ports and on expressways. traffic.
12. Ancillary contribution to actions to inform the general population of the process of adoption of stray pets

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KATs announcement here



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