Municipality of Lixouri: Donation of state of the art and necessary machinery to Mantzavinatio hospital

The Municipality of Lixouri donated state-of-the-art and necessary equipment for the needs of the Mantzavinateio Hospital of Lixouri, implementing the unanimous decision of the Municipal Council.

The machines were handed over to the Hospital of our city by the Mayor of Lixouri Mr. George Katsivelis, the Deputy Mayor of Welfare Mr. Galeb Diouani and the Deputy Mayor of Civil Protection Mr. Dimitrios Marketos.

On behalf of the Hospital, the donation was received by the Deputy Commander of Mantzavinatio, Mr. Dimitrios Dimoulios.

The Management of the Hospital thanked the Mayor and the Deputy Mayors for their important donation which proves the social sensitivity of the Municipal Authority but also its practical support in the direction of sustainability and upgrading the services provided to its citizens.

The Mayor and the Deputy Mayors were informed by Mr. Dimoulios about the issues of our Hospital.

Regarding the donation, the following machines and consumables were received:

A ICANCLANE CLASS B 18LT Wet Sterilization Oven,
an Electrocardiograph cardioline ecg 100 lt 6channel,
a Monitor Monitor biocare pm900,
three 10 Kb Oxygen Bottles,
a portable suction askir 36BR with battery.
a Surgical washbasin
a Child Oximeter Sensor for defrost resculife,
A sterile roller heat sealer,
a Resulife Children Defibrillator Cuff,
a Resulife Defibrillator Thick Cuff,
50 pieces Cardiograph paper 10X20 cardioline,
an elbow wall mount,
two antiseptic soap dispensers,
an elbow antiseptic device.

From the Press Office of the Municipality of Lixouri

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