Municipality of Sami – Latest Update on Covid-19 status

Following the sampling checks for rapid detection of covid-19 in our Municipality, we inform you that tomorrow, Tuesday 23/02 at 9:30 in the morning, rapid tests will be carried out at the former Community Office of Karavomylos Samis.

Also with the present, we inform that in the context of the disinfection of municipal buildings, the school units of pre-school education and primary education in D.E. Pylaros of the Municipality of Sami, will remain closed on Tuesday 23/02 and Wednesday 24/02/2021 due to disinfection works.

We take precautions and limit ourselves to the absolutely necessary movements.

It is vital that the measures announced by EODY be followed by all of us and that Covid-19 operators and their close contacts comply with the 14-day quarantine.

With a sense of responsibility to all act as potential carriers of the virus.

We wish our fellow citizens a speedy recovery.


Press Office of the Municipality of Sami 

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