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Update Covid-19 – Operation of School Units

Following the information regarding the cases of covid-19 in the Municipality of Sami, we announce that the sampling tests of covid-19 have been completed, in D.E. Ερίσου. In a total of 131 rapid-tests, no positives were presented.

Regarding the operation of the schools in our Municipality, it is known that the current legislation does not allow the temporary cessation due to covid-19 by the Municipalities or the Regions, but by the competent Ministry. The Municipality of Sami with its document no. Prot: 1179 / 18.02.2021 has already requested from the Minister the temporary cessation of the school units due to the increase of the cases of Covid-19, but this request has not been accepted until today. .

The operation of the school units of pre-school, primary and secondary education due to the declaration of the island in a state of increased danger is:

  1. The nurseries of the Municipality will remain closed by decision of the Mayor on Monday 22/02/21 and Tuesday 23/02/21 , due to increased cases of coronavirus in the area and the need to protect the health of students.
  2. The kindergartens and primary schools in the departments and Pilaros will normally open on Monday 22/02/21 .
  3. The Kindergarten of Sami and the Primary School of Sami will remain closed by decision of the Mayor on Monday 22/02/21 and Tuesday 23/02/21 as disinfection works will be carried out due to the increased viral load, in order to limit the spread as well as maintenance works of central heating installations.
  4. The Gymnasium and Lyceum of Sami , will continue to operate with distance education until 24/02/21 .
  5. The High School of Mesovounia , as it is a High School with Lyceum classes, as defined in the protocol for the “red” areas, will operate with e-education from Monday 22/02/2021.

We stay home, we follow the instructions of EODY, we reduce the dispersion in the community.


Press Office of the Municipality of Sami

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