Municipality Press Release: Small recycling bins for separate collection of lamps, electrical appliances and batteries


We inform our Citizens that in all Municipal Units, in the respective municipal stores, suitable small recycling bins have been placed for the separate collection of incandescent lamps, electric-electronic gadgets and batteries.

For large electrical appliances , please refer to the Local Municipalities. Contact telephones:

Municipality of Argostoli: 2671026999 & 2671362655

Municipality of Livathos: 2671361800

Municipality of Omalon: 2671086221

Municipality of Eleni of Pronnou: 2671361604

Municipality of Sami: 2674360506

Pilaros Municipal Unity: 2674360211

Municipality of Erisou: 2674051184

Palika Municipal Section: 2671091371

For the Municipality of Kefallonia

        A / Mayor of S. Matios

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