The new digital platform that replaces Taxisnet (including full English translation of services)

What opportunities will the taxpayers have through 

The digital platform Taxisnet , used by taxpayers and professionals for transactions with the tax office and the Ministry of Finance , will be a thing of the past . In its place comes the new digital portal .

The Governor of the Independent Public Revenue Authority ( AADE ), George Pitsilis, in a press conference, presented the new digital platform ” myAADE “, which is integrated in Specifically, citizens will enter for their tax cases at the address 

As Mr. Pitsilis said, this is a much easier-to-use digital portal , in which many more transactions can be processed (250). 

The possibilities that the citizens will have through 

Through the renewed digital environment of the portal, taxpayers can:

  • to have access to all the digital applications of AADE, quickly finding the service you are interested in
  • to manage their account and contact details, to change details of their business
  • to see their debts, payments and repayments, but also to pay or settle their debts
  • to obtain VAT and key number
  • to submit their requests digitally to the competent service of AADE (pilot operation)
  • to make digital appointments (coming soon) with an employee of the competent service of AADE (pilot operation).

Translated pdf into English


Full pdf here


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