Mycenaean tomb of the Tzannata to be covered with a vaulted roof

At a meeting at the Ministry of Culture, which took place under the auspices of the Secretary General of the Ministry, a final solution was given for the promotion and maintenance of the Mycenaean tomb of the Tzannata.
The monument will be covered with the vaulted roof according to the study approved by the KAS and funded by the Society for the Study of Prehistoric Kefalonia.
The implementation of this sub-project will be done by the technical service of the Ministry.
After today’s meeting, a problem that has plagued the local community for years has been resolved.
I would like to thank the Minister of Culture, Mrs. Lina Mendoni, the Regional Governor, Mrs. Rodi Kratsa, and the Secretary General of the Ministry, Mr. George Didaskalou, for their decisive stance in finding the best possible solution. Also the whole team of scholars who were present at today’s meeting, the officials of the ministry as well as Mr. Metaxas Gerasimos, representative of the company of Prehistoric Studies of Kefalonia.
Today’s crucial decision paves the way for the erection of an emblematic monument and marks the strong intention of the Ionian Islands Region to highlight the history and culture of our islands in the best possible way.

Stavros P. Travlos,
Deputy Regional Governor of Kefalonia and Ithaca

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