Mykonos reopened but several more islands being examined due to many people in quarantine through close contact.

From today at 06:00 in the morning, Mykonos reopened, “silently” and without announcement, however it will continue to be under constant surveillance.

If, in fact, phenomena are observed that can lead to a further increase in cases, then a new closure of the island is not ruled out, something that if nothing else anyone on the island of winds wants.

The parties on luxury yachts and villas are the biggest “thorn” and cause concern, due to the impossibility of strict control by the competent authorities, despite the fact that the music had become “mute” and the congestion had decreased. However, at the moment there is a slight reduction in cases, however there is a stabilization in the flows.

Which islands are one step ahead of the “red”
Apart from Mykonos, however, the time spent in the spotlight found other islands due to the epidemiological picture they present. One of them is Paros where a new “model” of measures is applied with intensive controls in stores where there was intense congestion. In recent days, fines of 2,000 euros and seven-day closure were imposed in 8 nightclubs, seven in Paros and one in Antiparos, where standing customers were found, while in case of recurrence the fine increases to 20,000 euros and 15 days closure

The next islands that seem to “blush” are Santorini, Rhodes, Crete, followed by Zakynthos and Corfu, with the competent committee to decide in the coming days whether it is necessary to take restrictive measures type… Mykonos or a model with strict controls and fines in crowded and standing entertainment centers.

It is noted, however, that in the specific islands the active cases are increased as well as their close contacts that are in quarantine. In particular, in Paros they amount to 100, in Santorini to 86, in Rhodes to 133, in Heraklion to 407, in Chania to 140, in Zakynthos to 147, in Corfu to 362.

The solution to the “social bubble”
Scientists propose the solution to the social bubble in the holidays. They explain that even on the beach or on our walks on the islands we should have a specific company, which will always be the same and will not include a large number of people.
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