Mykonos: The restaurant’s response to the 836-euro bill

Feedback from restaurant following our recent post on Kalamari cost in Mykonos.
The internet tour has made the last few days the Internet guest account of an American tourist from a restaurant in Mykonos. “Avoid this place, it’s just a scam” is the title of the American reviewer on  TripAdvisor , who recently visited Mykonos and  paid 836 euros for 3 Ceasar salads, 6 servings of squid, 3 local beers, 2 water and one juice .

The restaurant that the American tourist visited from Brooklyn in New York is located in Platis Gialos on the popular and cosmopolitan island of Winds. From the order form given by the tourist on the travel platform it appears that a portion of squid in this restaurant of Mykonos costs 98,50 euros, a great local beer 25 euros and a bottle of water 8,90 euros.

 Open contacted the owner of the restaurant in  Mykonos , who gave his own version: “There were nine people and they ordered 4 pounds of squid, which was charged with the pound. Squid was fresh and 100 pounds a kilo.

We are the best shop in Platis Yialos and we offer high end services. We are addressing a high clientele and in   our shop you do not come to be satisfied, but you come for experience.

There is a minimum charge of 25 euros for each person on the beach, “he said.

The candidate mayor of the island of the winds Christos Beronis kept distances from such practices. ”  Mykonos  is the best island in the world. Professionals are not allowed to do such things, as long as they are accurate as they were heard. “

As noted in the report, on a special rating platform, the rating of the particular store is very high despite the lower prices.

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