Mykonos-type phenomena will bring a new lockdown to tourism and possibly individual islands – Government alarm from infectious disease experts

The country’s health authorities have been alerted to the Mykonos- type phenomenon , where crowds gathered in an open-air bar, defying the recommendations of experts to avoid overcrowding due to coronavirus.

Government officials and infectious disease specialists have been sounding the alarm in recent hours, stressing that such images could cause a new spread of the virus, warning that localized lockdowns in islands or areas may not be ruled out in the event of a recurrence.

Petsas: Of course there is a possibility of local lockdown
The government spokesman, Stelios Petsas, confirmed to SKAI television that there is a plan for a local lockdown in case of increased corona cases in some structure, school or even entire geographical areas, such as prefectures or islands.

At the same time, Mr. Petsas explained that the goal is, if there is a hearth, to diagnose it quickly and to entrench it so that there is no dispersal in the community. In this context, as he said, the flights from Doha have just stopped and there have been 12 cases.

“We will do the same locally if we see a problem somewhere, whether it’s in a neighborhood or a health facility or a school. It may even concern a geographical area, an island or a prefecture. Everything is on the table. The coronavirus  has not left. We are not relaxing, “said a government spokesman.

Regarding the criticism of the two-month lockout at a beach bar in Mykonos where a party was held without observing the planned measures, Mr. Petsas said that the legislation must be respected and “if something needs to be reviewed in the future, we are here to see it.” “, But the government’s main concern is public health.

“Our absolute disaster if we consider that the virus is over”
Adonis Georgiadis also spoke about the lock that was imposed on a store in Mykonos, where the auditors found a crowd and non-implementation of the measures for the crown . As the Minister of Development pointed out, the country is making a huge effort to open up the economy, but everyone must abide by the rules, as if we consider that the virus is over “this is the shortest way to our absolute destruction.”

Sypsas: Crowding is the oil for the pandemic fire
The professor of infectious diseases, Nikos Sypsas, described the incidents that were observed with the large crowd of people as “oil for the fire of the pandemic” of the coronaio. “We have a very important problem of overcrowding and congestion. One person in this crowd is enough to infect 100 or 200 others “, he explained speaking to SKAI.

“There is no need for complacency, the epidemic is not over,” said Sypsas. to impose new measures and to withdraw the relaxation “.

“Explosive mix of relaxation measures and imported cases”
Professor of Infectious Diseases and Pathology, Charalambos Gogos, moved in the same direction , speaking to ANT1. Among other things, he referred to the uniqueness of this summer, emphasizing that “instead of 1,000 people in a store, this year only 200 should enter.” According to Mr. Gogos, it is a given that there will be imported cases in the country during the tourist season, emphasizing that together with the relaxation of the measures “they can lead to an explosive mixture” which may be the basis for the resurgence of the pandemic in the country. .

Survivor: Possible lockdown on an island or area with many cases
The professor of virology and member of the Board of Directors of EODY, George Sourvinos, also expressed his concern after the overcrowding images at the bar in Mykonos to SKAI . As he said, “the virus has not left our country, it exists in the community” and that “such images can create foci, small or large, at any time with very rapid dispersion”.

“It’s different this summer, we have to adapt to the idea, we all have to show the same responsibility,” he said, commenting on the shopkeepers’ argument that they can’t monitor tourists drinking their drinks all night. The professor noted that he understands and understands the comments on the economy, as “it is a delicate balance and a very difficult equation that must be resolved between public health and tourism and the restart of the economy.”

“Possible local lockdown on an island or area with many cases”
In any case, Mr. Sourvinos did not rule out the possibility of local lockdowns on islands or in areas where there will be an increase in new coronavirus cases. He said the committee was reviewing epidemiological data at all times and “measures could be taken to gradually lift the easing of measures or even a local lockdown.” “Everything is possible, public health is paramount,” he said.

Kotanidou: The flow of tourists to the country will stop
Speaking to SKAI, Anastasia Kotanidou, a professor of pulmonology at EKPA, said she was concerned about the images she saw from the bar in Mykonos. “Of course I am worried about these images, as they are worried about the whole world that thinks logically. The crown prince is here, we must not forget it “, stressed Mrs. Kotanidou, drawing everyone’s attention to the observance of the rules:” We must all try to follow the rules, in the crowd in a bar we do not know who can be a carrier ” .

As for whether she expected these images, Ms. Kotanidou said, “I was expecting it, but I hoped it wouldn’t happen. We are not honored by these images, the goal is not to spoil the reputation that we have built with a lot of effort “.

Regarding the possibility of local lockdowns in the event of an outbreak, the EKPA professor was clear: “If there are many cases in an area, such as Mykonos, it makes sense to have a lockdown, to limit the epidemic and not close the the rest of the country. ”

He concluded by saying that in the event of an explosion in Greece, “the flow of tourists to the country will stop.”

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