Myrtos Canteen construction in August!

We are in the heart of the season, early August and the famous beach of Myrtos is a construction site.

The delays in the auction, the objections, the deadlines and that the Greek state is suffering anyway are clear in front of those tourists and locals who decide to go down to Myrtos.

During your vacation, you do not want to see or hear the construction work?

You want calm and everything in operation. But who understands that?

Many of the tourists leave as soon as they find out that the canteen is not working.

It should be noted that a rental car was stolen in the parking lot of the beach a few days ago. They broke the glass and took passports, wallets and whatever else they found.

In Italy, Makis Vasilatos tells us, who travels there often, rental cars no longer have advertisement logos, they are just like other cars so that they do not become the target of burglars.

Of course, the parking lot of Myrtos needs staff to manage the space and keep the cars safe.

With the hope that time will be a better year for Myrtos as well.


Journalist – Makis Lekatsas
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