Myrtos (recent pictures) big concerns regarding it being open for the summer tourism season

Almost five months have passed since the bad weather “Ianos” that hit Kefalonia, leaving behind disasters, almost the same magnitude as the earthquake of 2014. From the “victims” of Ianos and the most famous beach of the island and one of the best in the world, that of Myrtos, which can not be accessed due to the landslides that occurred after Janus. So many months later and still no one has started the restoration work by the competent bodies.

Myrtos belongs to the Sami municipality, but who has expressed “inability” to restore access to the beach and addressed to the competent Ministry of Infrastructure , the expected step to record the damage and proceed on road rehabilitation. At the same time, the report of the president of OASP, Efthymios Lekkas, is expected in order to seek the required funds. The geophysical situation in the area of ​​Myrtos-Harakas was never good. From the passage of the bad weather “Janos” and then it became even worse. The slope of Harakas had received a big blow from IANO after the volume of rain that fell in the area created five “rivers”. While recent landslides have been observed on the slope that is next to the beach of Myrtos.

Journalist Andreas Konstantatos posted on his Facebook page incredible images from the destruction of the beach, writing: “We are in danger of summer coming and the most emblematic beach of our island, Myrtos, being closed. Five months have passed since the catastrophic passage of “Ianos” and the beach remains buried in the rubble.

Thousands of tons of imported materials have covered it, to a very large extent and have destroyed its infrastructure. Canteen, WC, parking have disappeared. The road that goes down to the beach has been severely damaged and has become dangerous for cars.

At a time when two beautiful villages, Assos and Agia Efimia have been injured by the September hurricane, the indifference of the local authorities to save the famous beach of Myrtos, is a recipe for destruction, in view of the tourist season, not only for the northern part but for the whole of Kefalonia.

 If Myrtos does not open, the image of the whole island will blur “.

Speaking to, the Deputy Regional Governor Mr. Stavros Travlos explained that the road that goes down to the beach of Myrtos is not the responsibility of the Region but of the Municipality of Sami. “However, the municipality, because it does not have a technical service, asked for help from the Ministry of Infrastructure. The ministry promised to send a team and undertake to include the project in some other project contractors that have existed since 2014.

We also wrote a letter to the minister and pointed out the issue of Myrtos to him “.

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2 thoughts on “Myrtos (recent pictures) big concerns regarding it being open for the summer tourism season

  • January 20, 2021 at 12:54 pm

    I’m a Greek Australian who has visited the magnificent island of Kefalonia twice. The last time in July, 2019. It pains me to see the destruction on the island from Medicane Ianos. It distresses me even more to see the lack of restoration to affected areas since the storm. I suggest you stop arguing over whose responsibility it is and just get it done. I wish you well and hope to visit again soon.

  • January 20, 2021 at 3:28 pm

    Although Mytos is a place of outstanding beauty, I just feel it should never be open to the public again in fear of people ever being down there and the landslides happening again, especially in peak holiday season the amount of possible fatalities could be extortionate


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