Nafplio: Big octopus grabbed cormorant

A cormorant famed for his fishing, trying to catch some fish at Karathonas beach in Nafplion, was spotted by a big octopus who did not hesitate to catch him in his tentacles.


The big octopus of four pounds and a length of one and a half meters more he grabbed the cormorant with his tentacles and was trying to sink him down to choke him, as the local site “Argolic News” says.

Half a meter of water, almost on the beach, the octopus held with all its might the bird, large and strong enough, and tightened to keep it out.

For good luck walkers saw the unfortunate bird trying to escape with as much power as it was left and immediately after entering the sea they managed to detach the octopus from the cormorant’s body.

The bird had been severely shocked, but fortunately he was not seriously injured and after a long time he managed to regain his strength and leave.

But the octopus did not have the same luck.

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