NASA reveals the secrets of the black hole

More than 50 million light-years away, at the heart of a giant elliptical galaxy called Messier 87, a giant beast devours everything around. This is the black hole“photographed” by the scientists.

Stars, planets, gas and dust – not even the light escapes the “monster” – a black hole, once it has passed a threshold called event mapping.

Today, as National Geographic says, scientists have uncovered an image of this object, an oversized black hole that contains the same mass as 6.5 billion suns!

Scientists at the International Event Horizon Telescope-EHT announced that they first “photographed” the large black hole in the center of a galaxy, namely the giant Mesier 87 (M87) galaxy. To be more precise, the shadow it throws on the bright background of the gases that swirl around it, as it is impossible to discern what really happens inside the black hole, where nothing can escape, not even the light.

The black hole, played by the contribution of the Greek scientist scientist Dimitris Psaltis , resembles a circular gap surrounded by a light ring. It is a landmark image and it is the first glance of the world in a black hole, a picture that encompasses something unknown so far.

All of this functioned as a huge telescope, the size of the Earth, which records the radiations of radio waves emitted by a black hole. This allowed magnification to portray the famous horizons event horizon.

At last, astronomers have a blurred image of the black hole environment, the border area beyond which there is no turning point, as even light can not escape. This is why the inside of a black hole can not be photographed because it is black.

Watch the video with the announcements

Now for the first time, however, we have the first picture of the “shadows” that black holes are throwing around, causing extreme curves of space-time. Surrounded by turbulent hot clouds of dust and gas, they emit strong radiation and indirectly betray their existence. Thanks to the shooting, even the Thomans will be convinced that black holes are not creatures of science fiction.


This photo, which is a milestone in astronomy and astrophysics, was considered to be of great importance that the announcement was made with six concurrent interviews in six cities: in Washington (the central event organized by the NSF in Brussels) was organized by the European Commission with the participation of the European Commissioner for Research, Science and Innovation Carlos Moeda), in Shanghai, China, Taipei, Santiago, Chile and Tokyo, Japan.

Until now the existence of black holes was implicitly inferred from the gravitational and other effects they exert on their environment, but nobody had ever “seen” what is around a black hole.


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