Navagio Beach Zante Access Restrictions 2019

Navagio Beach 

Red— High risk – restricted access,

Yellow Medium risk – controlled access

Green  Low risk – free access. As shown in the picture

Shipwreck | The Lekka study “solves the hands” of authorities and entrepreneurs

The data on the most famous beach in the Ionian is changing, following the study of the professor of EKFA Efthimios Lekka delivered to the municipality. With the delineation of the Navajo beach, the new tourist season will start without any problems, as long as the direct co-operation of all competent authorities takes place to take the measures included in the study.
We recall that in the scientific report there is a precise delimitation of three zones: high risk – restricted access, medium risk – controlled access and low risk – free access. As shown in the picture, low risk is defined as the point in front of the ship “Panagiotis”.

Following the latest developments, the City Council chairman, Nikos Tsipiras, said: “We received the Lekka study, following a request voted unanimously by the city council. What is described in the study, allow us to reopen the beach under certain conditions. Mr. Lekkas was the first to have autopsy on the spot after the collapse of the rocks and had made concrete conclusions. Now, we have to study these conditions and proceed with direct cooperation with the other authorities and the Port Authority on the implementation of the measures. We should also be supervised by all competent authorities and take care of the beach. The study includes useful conclusions and specific measures and interventions with the delimitation of the zones. This will open the famous beach again, safely for visitors. It will also be to the benefit of the local community and thus, we will protect the tourist product and avoid accidents “.
Of particular interest, however, is the view of those who are doing business in the area, who after the ban on approaching – floating anchorages were worried about what will happen in the run up to the new season. As they argue, after a big race that began last November, they are now essentially relieved, as with the measures included in the study, they can continue to operate safely in the area. On his “Day” statement, the President of the Association of Owners of Tourist Vessels of Northern Zakynthos, Dionysis Actypis, points out: “Shipwreck is the first tourist destination in Zakynthos. I think it should stay open under conditions. It is a matter of security after the last earthquake, but also the landslide of September. Mr. Lecka’s study was taken by the municipality, who will interpret it and make the final proposal to the Harbor Master to lift the ban and get to the Shipwreck. Indeed, the situation and the large number of visitors to the beach were out of control. I think that now a class will come in and the approach of the boats and visitors will be more carefully done. ”

It should be noted that in both low risk and medium risk areas, it is allowed to stay for up to 1.100 people for a limited period of time and in the event of a seismic phenomenon, access to the medium risk zone will also be prohibited.
“When science and experts decide, we elected all we have to do is agree. The study will come to the city council. Everyone will be there. The only thing that we should be interested in is the safety of the visitors. We are fortunate that we did not have any unpleasant results since the landslide last September. I think that with the effort made by the entrepreneurs of the region, in cooperation with the municipality and the scientists, we will have the best result for the Shipwreck, Zakynthos and Greece in general, “states the same council member Nikos Aktipis at the same wavelength after the Lekka study, as what we all point to and every tone is to have constructive cooperation between the authorities. For his part, the chairman of PC Mr. Volimon, Giannis Theodosis remarks: “Since 2012, as Chairman, I have sent documents to all the competent services for the safety of the visitors who come to the platform to see the Shipwreck from above. All these years we have had people who have lost their lives falling from points that are abrupt. Visitors go to the edge of the cliffs, ignoring danger because there are no signs and fencing. ”
We recall that the chairman of the Earthquake Planning and Protection Agency (OASP) in the study states that there is a need for integrated signaling, while one or two people will be in the supervised zone to check the implementation of the rules.
The specific period of time that the study handed over to the municipal authority is very important, as there is still time to take the measures and the beach to be safe to welcome visitors to the island.
The Doctor of Physics and his associate Eth. Lekka, Giannis Kopanas on the number of people who can be accommodated at the same time. As it was clarified in the green zone there may be 335 people at the same time and in the yellow to 774. In the event of a seismic or landslide phenomenon then the yellow zone will be deactivated and this automatically means that there should be a very good programming and an understanding by businessmen about the time spent visiting the beach. Another very important parameter is that there should be a placement of staff and signaling zones.

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