Nearly 10,000 lightning strikes fell in central and northern Greece


The “ZEUS” lightning detection system of the National Observatory of Athens recorded 9,990 lightning strikes in the central and northern continent on Sunday, the day of the election.

Severe rains and storms, which in many cases accompanied by hail, occurred in West Macedonia, North Thessaly, Pelion and the city of Thessaloniki.

Relatively large total heights were recorded throughout Macedonia. The meteorological stations of the Athens National Observatory of Meteorological Observations / recorded the highest total elevations in Naoussa, Eleftheroupoli, Doxato Dramas, Velvento Kozani and Eptapyrgio of Thessaloniki.

During the strong storm that hit the center of Thessaloniki shortly before Sunday afternoon, within about half an hour the stations of the National Observatory of Athens / in Eptapyrgio and TIF. recorded 23.2 and 19.4 millimeters of rain respectively (one millimeter of rain corresponds to one tonne of water per acre).

On Monday 3 June, clouds are expected to be dense, with rains and storms occurring mainly on the west, central and northern continents, in the North Ionian and the North Aegean. Especially in the western and northern continents the phenomena will be locally strong, with the possibility of hail.

The temperature in Western Macedonia will range from 12 to 19 degrees, in the rest of Macedonia and Thrace from 14 to 25 degrees, Epirus, West Sterea and Northwest Peloponnese from 14 to 23, the rest of the continents from 15 to 28, the islands the Ionian Islands from 15 to 21, the Eastern Aegean islands from 18 to 27, the islands of the rest of the Aegean from 18 to 25, and Crete from 14 to 26.


The winds in Thermaikos and Sporades will blow from west directions 3 to 5 beaufort, while in the rest of the North Aegean they will blow from southern directions of the same intensity. In the Central Aegean, the winds will blow from southwest addresses 3 to 5 and 6 local beauforts. In the South Aegean winds will blow from west directions 3 to 5 beaufort and southwest from west and southwest addresses 4 to 6 and local 7 beaufort. In the Ionian winds will initially blow from changing directions, but from morning will become south to west 2 to 4 beaufort.

In Attica, clouds are expected from time to time. The winds will blow from northwest to southwest addresses 2 to 4 and local 5 beauforts. The temperature in the center of Athens will range from 18 to 25 degrees.

In Thessaloniki, cloudy clouds are expected at times, and there is a chance of a thunderstorm from midday. The winds will blow from changing addresses to 3 beauforts. Visibility by morning and evening will be limited locally. The temperature in the center of the city will range from 15 to 24 degrees.

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