Neutering Figures for April to June 2019 from KATs

11 Female Dogs
3 Male Dogs
50 Female Cats
19 Male Cats
we also treated a cat from Fiskardo that had been poisoned
a cat with a prolapse
and a cat with ear cancer
11 Female Dogs
2 Male Dogs
45 Female Cats
12 Male Cats

10 Female Dogs
5 Male Dogs
50 Female Cats
13 Male Cats

so totals for the 3 months
32 Female Dogs
10 Male Dogs
145 Female Cats
44 Male Cats

our total spend for the 3 months was 16625.60 euros

we know we cannot continue at the rate we have been doing, but we take a little comfort that all the animals will not be breeding,
we couldn’t do any of this without our wonderful supporters
so from everyone at Kefalonia Animal Trust and the cats and dogs of Kefalonia


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