Giannis Theotokatos: Poriotis creator of the ′′ Poor Art ′′ on the beach!
A few weeks ago I photographed you the wonderful creations of stones and but daily materials at the location of Poros Kefalonia !
Today, I present to you these creations that refer to the Italian inspiration ′′ Arte Povere ′′ or the so-called ′′ Poor Art ′′ (where he makes art with what you find) to which additions and improvements were made by their multi-talented creator, resident of Poros Giannis Theotokato, current pensioner and former loader, who is also a winter swimmer and appears in the photos!
As promised by Giannis Theotokatos until the coming summer tourist season he intends to make more additions to his remarkable work. Event that will definitely be an extremely pleasant sight for all Poros visitors!
Good for him and all!
Spyros Kagadis
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