A new fire occurred a short time ago in Maries and more specifically in the area of ​​Trilagada

At this point there are hurried firefighting forces, and it is worth pointing out that there are airborne vehicles on the way and they have been notified.

As can be seen from the photographic material provided by ermisnews.gr, the fire that broke out was created by two different hotspots, which are close together.

16.56pm According to the latest information 20 Firefighters with 10 vehicles were immediately mobilized, while launches will start with 1 helicopter and 2 aircraft.

17.36pm The raging front in Maries, Zakynthos, is raging, following a fire that broke out shortly after 4pm on Tuesday. At this time, ground and air forces are operating to control the fire.

Source -ermisnews.gr

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