New Greek banks Customer charges

They are coming to the end of the month and by the end of the year they will be completed

The banks are looking for ways to increase profits and make their customers become more careful and consistent. From now on, cardholders will even pay for the PIN change and the balance issue. Bank customers will also pay a fee for reissuing a debit card .

The fines for reissuing a debit card 

If someone loses his or her card or is stolen or damaged to such an extent that it cannot be used, the consumer should ask the bank to reissue it. At NBG, Piraeus Bank and Eurobank the reissue will cost 6 euros while at Alpha Bank the consumer will pay 5 euros to get a new card.  

New PIN issue

If someone forgets their PIN, they have to put their hand in their pocket to get a new password. National Bank and Eurobank will have to pay 3 euros, Alpha Bank 3.5 euros, while Piraeus will have to pay for this service free of charge.

In detail, the charges will be imposed by the banks

  • One-time re-subscription assistance after loss / theft / damage / manual renewal statement: 6 euro with effect from 31/10
  • Question on ATMs in the eurozone balance: EUR 0.20 with effect from 31/10
  • Question for non-euro area ATMs: EUR 0.30 with effect from 31/10
  • Copy of 7 recent moves to ATM EIB (mini statement): 0.15 euro with effect from 31/10
  • PIN reissue regardless of how it is received: 3 euros valid from 30/10
  • One-time renewal subscription: 6 euro with effect from 31/12

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