New IDs: Color with electronic signature and laser

To the right are the current IDs of Estonia, with the special chip, where the new Greek IDs will be based / Photos: EUROKINISSI / Wikipedia

Bidding for the new identity contest will be completed in March, stresses the Citizen Protection Officer, in response to SYRIZA’s objections to the cancellation of the 2019 competition.

“Far more than IDs will be citizens’ cards, with electronic signature, which will suffice for their transactions with the State. E-government is becoming a reality, the hassle is being reduced, the government itself is saving time and money by reducing bureaucracy, about $ 1 billion to invest it more productively.

At the same time, the Ministry states that the related SYRIZA tender in 2019 was canceled because it did not explicitly include e-government from the beginning.

More specifically, in its Communication, the Ministry of Citizen Protection states:

“Why was the SYRIZA competition canceled in 2019?
Because it did not explicitly include e-government from the beginning. So it didn’t reduce bureaucracy, it didn’t minimize the hassle. Electronic signature, citizen card is a development measure. From 0.5% to 0.7% of GDP is estimated national benefit. Why not do it as quickly as possible?

Will the citizen spend more on the new competition to get his / her identity?
No, just the opposite. The maximum cost will be that of the previous tender, ie 10 euros. In particular, the amount of the fee to be paid by the citizen had already been set at EUR 10 in accordance with Article 5 of Council Regulation (EC) No. 8200 / 0-297647 from 10/04/2018 JMC (Government Gazette B1476).

In today’s competition 10 euros are set as the maximum cost. If there is a discount on the total amount of the competition, the cost of photography will be reduced by 10 euros proportionally.

Other costs include the cost of the photographers who decided to play an active role in the release of the photo from the previous 2019 competition.

Will color photography cost more in competition?
Not at all. The previous tender provided for the Contractor to provide color photography after five years from the start of the project. So nothing changes. Why have black and white now and in 5 years to switch to color. Is there a reason for waiting and suffering?

Will the cost be higher than the previous tender?
The cost remains the same as the previous tender at € 515,000,000 for 15 years (10 + 5). In fact, the cost of the new competition is lower because e-government services are also included (around € 30 million).

Will candidates be much less because of color photography? Is the competition “photographic”?
Not at all. The same 25 companies were called. The number of joint ventures is not expected to change. More in detail: Since 2019, due to the scope, complexity and complexity of the project, few companies were able to respond as key Suppliers. Therefore, partnerships between the major and other companies were allowed and expected to meet all the requirements of the competition. This is exactly the case with this competition. After all, 2019 was the term of the competition, the color photography but … after 5 years. It is incomprehensible to adjust 2019 for a 5 year color change. It would be helpful to hear explanations.

Has the CoE negatively consulted on digital governance? So is there going to be an illegal competition?
Of course not. The CoE accepted that it was not based on the inclusion of eGovernment, since it had not been clearly defined. The Government complied prior to the call for competition. Specifically, a Law was adopted (article 23 Law 4647 from 16/12/2019, amending – supplementing article 3 law 1599/1986), which provides for the digital signature for all Greek citizens. That is, now all citizens can have an electronic signature. And the faster, the better !. Why go to the calendars, as SYRIZA predicted?

Is color photography weaker than black in terms of security?
Certainly not. The security is exactly the same. The color photography solution chosen by this competition includes the strengths of black and white photography, namely laser engraving of the photography of the holder but also the color surface. At no extra cost to the citizen. Precisely for these security reasons, color photography solutions have been explicitly excluded (eg heat transfer – thermal transfer, ink sublimation, dye sublimation, laser toner).

Will Greece be ready, due to the cancellation and re-launch of the competition, to issue the new identities in time, in line with its EU obligations?
Absolutely ready! Explicit and explicit. EU Regulation 2019/1157 of 20/06/2019 on enhancing the security of EU citizens’ identity cards in Article 16 stipulates that its implementation starts on 02/08/2021, while in Article 5 paragraph 2 paragraph 1 stipulates that identity cards that do not include a Functional Mechanical Reading Zone (MRZ), including Greek Identity Cards, shall cease to be valid on 03/08/2026. The times are sufficient to have timely issued IDs in line with modern security standards and e-government services that will make it so easy for us.

In conclusion: The previous competition of 2019 was multiple times incomplete. Mostly it was without a rush for development, without a rush to reduce bureaucracy. Those who did not rape the citizen at that time are now in the process of rape. We respond specifically and clearly because we do not have time to waste. We are in a hurry to serve the citizens, we have the first objective of developing the country. ”

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