New internet fraud in Lefkada

The General Regional Police Directorate of the Ionian Islands announces that recently, in the Police Department of Apollonia Lefkada, an incident of internet fraud of an individual was recorded, through an ad that was posted on a social networking page.

In particular, after a telephone conversation, the individual paid a sum of money, as an advance payment, to the perpetrator’s account, for the purchase of a vehicle, without the agreed purchase and sale ever taking place.

On the occasion of similar cases of deception of citizens by experts, who with various pretexts and tricks extort money – mainly from the elderly – the General Regional Police Directorate of the Ionian Islands advises the citizens:

    • be especially wary of strangers attempting to enter your home under various pretexts and tricks,

    • do not be persuaded by strangers, who appear as Public Service employees or another body to fix a technical problem (power failure, elevator, etc.) if you have not called them before,

    • It is pointed out that hospitals or public services do not send their employees to homes or public places to ask citizens to pay for the services they provide,

    • do not be easily persuaded by people who “approach” you as acquaintances of relatives – friends,

    • be especially wary when strangers call you and try to persuade you to give them money, on the pretext that a relative has caused a car accident,

    • in these cases always seek to contact your relative by phone yourself, to confirm what they are referring to,

    • the communication should be done with your own phone and on your own initiative and you should not accept talking to a person, who was called by strangers,

    • for the same reasons do not give in to prompts for a meeting (appointment, etc.),

    • in any case, state that you are not going to give money,

    • to inform your relatives (of the close and wider relative, friendly and social environment) and especially the elderly and to advise them so that they are not deceived by experts,

    • try to contain the characteristics of the perpetrators, if they come in contact with you, as well as the vehicles with which they move (registration number, vehicle make, color, etc.), to help the work of the prosecuting authorities,

    • always have the telephone numbers available, with which you must contact in case of emergency ( Police , Fire Department, Hospitals, close relatives, etc.).

    • always inform the police authorities, even in the event of an attempted fraud against you.

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