New measures -lockdown: Which islands are under the microscope after Mykonos

Optimistic plans for a good tourist season are directly threatened by the new wave of pandemic

A picture of the future – in case a wall of immunity is not built in the summer – are the measures announced for Mykonos . The vertical increase of cases on the island led to the imposition of a series of measures , which can be a “model” for other tourist destinations.

Model of Mykonos and other islands

The optimistic plans for a good tourist season- that will give the “kiss of life” to the ravaged covid economy are directly threatened by the new wave of the pandemic . The increase of cases but also the stagnation in the course of vaccinations lead the government to review individual parameters of its strategy, in order to avoid the worst.

The basic position remains that there will be no universal lockdown in the country but local solutions will be selected in areas where there is an outbreak of the pandemic. This was implemented for the first time in Mykonos , while similar solutions may enter into force on islands where there is an increase in the epidemiological burden . Among other things, the “lights” are focused on Paros, Santorini, Ios and Crete (mainly in Rethymno and Heraklion) where there is an upward trend of cases.

Whether such moves will affect the wider course of tourism can not yet be accurately calculated, although professionals in Mykonos are already talking about cancellations of arrivals and early departures . On the island the season so far was reminiscent of the good pre-COVID times and there was a sharp landing in a difficult reality.

Looking for the “golden section”

In this phase, the “golden section” is sought so that on the one hand the positivity index does not increase further and on the other hand no steps are taken back in tourism . It is a given that an increase in cases would lead other countries to impose stricter restrictions on those who visit Greece .

For example, the possibility of adding Greece to the countries where full quarantine will be required after the holidays is being considered by Israel, according to media reports. At the same time, the British press predicts that soon both Greece and Spain will have the fate of France, where there is again a quarantine obligation even for the fully vaccinated

At the same time, two front-line issues rang the bell in the government. The first problem is related to quarantine hotels, as at the weekend there was a series of complaints from citizens that they were diagnosed with coronavirus  but could not find a place to stay (in Mykonos, Paros, Alonissos).

Announcements on this issue are expected immediately and alternative scenarios have already been considered. For example on the table is the ordering of rooms in tourist destinations. Some cabins on ships are also being considered to be “COVID” for transporting sick citizens from the islands.

The second issue that has sparked a wider debate is that the measures implemented in Mykonos are “unified”, ie they concern vaccinated and unvaccinated . Top ministers have long stressed that there can be no new restrictions on vaccinated citizens, as that would be unfair. At this stage, government officials say that in Mykonos this is not a lockdown but measures that relate exclusively to entertainment. 

However, the discussion about the next day and what could be the “privileges” of the vaccinated seems to be rekindled. Αποκλει Fun exclusively for vaccinated people is not easy to practice, as this would require strict controls.

At the same time, after the recent developments on the island of winds but also in other Cycladic destinations, the discussion about the mandatory vaccination of workers in catering and tourism “ignited”. At the moment, however, it is not ruled out that the number of tests that these employees will have to do will increase, in an effort to save what is possible from a difficult tourist year, as it turns out .

Potential Local lockdowns Measures

At the same time, with popular tourist destinations in the “red”, it is possible that there will be local restrictive measures on some islands.

These measures include:

Prohibition of catering operation 00:00 – 07:00
Suspension of any kind of event
Prohibition of gatherings over 9
Prohibition of music 24 hours a day
Prohibition of traffic at night
Maximum number of people: 4 people – for first degree relatives 6 people


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