New measures: Scanning checks by 8,000 police officers – Who is in the crosshairs?

For the implementation of the new measures after the outbreak of coronavirus cases , in the context of the intensification of the controls  8,000 police officers with 1,900 ranks and 400 executives of the Transparency Authority are recruited .

They will make checks from next Saturday all over the country in mixed teamsof 10-15 people. It was decided in the region to carry out the checks by police officers from other areas in order to avoid the flexibility observed in such cases due to locality.

Focusing on entertainment, retail and catering

The audit authorities first focus on night entertainment , outdoor dining and retail . The authorities have in their hands a list of the first 50 targets, ie companies that have in the past committed violations regarding the observance of the measures for the coronavirus .

The controls on shopkeepers who use nylon (plastic roll down side curtains) in open spaces in order to operate as mixed, ie as places where vaccination is allowed, will also be strict .

Who is on the “black list”

The Ministry of Development is expected to blacklist companies in the near future, a platform on which the offenders of the pandemic measures will be posted.

In this way, in addition to the fine that will amount to 5,000 euros and the suspension of operation for up to 15 days, business owners will also be faced with the stigma.

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