New monitoring program to be set up for Monk seals in Kefalonia & Ithaca

The management body has been notified by k. Stavros Panérē for a dead seal incident in the lykiardopoulátōn area on the coast of the lagoon of koutavos lagoon.

It is a dead adult Mediterranean Monk Seal (Monk Monk), 1,40 m long. According to the red book of endangered animals of Greece, the Mediterranean seal faces an extremely high risk of extinction in the future and is characterized as a “critically endangered” species.

Protecting and maintaining the Mediterranean Seal is a duty and responsibility for all of us. This so precious heritage and uniqueness of this kind do not allow us to stand by such sad incidents.

For this reason, the management body will prepare a monitoring programme of the species in kefalonia & Ithaca with funding from ymeppera in the coming months…


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