The proposal concerns the construction of an open theatre in Lavraga alluvial area of ​​18.710 sq.m. which is characterized as a historic listed monument since 1993, located a few kilometers from Argostoli in Razata on Argostoli-Sami street opposite the church of the village.

The plot is owned by the Ionian Islands Region as a property of the Prefecture of Kefalonia.


The Lavraga alluvium belonged to the great Kephalonian composer Dionysios Lavraga(his mother was from Razata, the genus Razis) and had gone to ETVA from which the Prefecture bought it.

Doussia Lavraga house ruins

Within it, there are the ruins of the summer residence of D. Lavraga, in which he died in July 1943.

√ For the great Dionysis Lavraga and his work, read here (click)

A story from the old …

The Mayor of Argostoli, Makis Forte (1995 – 2006), during his term of office, searched with his close associate and artistic director of the Municipal Cultural Enterprise Panos Vardakos for the appropriate plot to construct the open theater, the efforts for which had begun era of the predecessor of Alekos Kalafatis. After many unsuccessful efforts mainly because the required area (over 10 acres) and for the specific cultural use could not be found with the permitted land use in the ZOE of Argostoli and much more within the city.

Finally, after a contract agreement, the Municipality of Argostoli and the Prefecture (Prefect Dionisis Lefkadis) agreed to grant the first part of the plot of Alsos Lavraga to Razata 12.027,12 sq. M. for the purpose of constructing Open Theater.


The construction of the study was commissioned by the Municipality of Argostoli to the architect engineer and his associates Andreas Giolazis with experience in the construction of theaters.

Cadastre: JOHN SYNGROS, surveyor engineer 
PARTNER ANDREAS SYNGROS, surveyor engineer 
IOANNA SOMOU, architect 
PARTNERS: ANNA Zora, architect 
ELLI Duran, architect 
STATIC: Panagiotis PONIRIDIS, engineer 
I-M: IOANNIS TRIPIDAKIS, Mechanical-Electrical Engineer 

The capacity of the stands is 1,498 and, if seats are placed in the orchestra, the total capacity of the theatre can reach 1,950.


Auxiliary facilities (offices, dressing rooms, canteen etc.) and additional car and bus parking as well as a children’s playground are provided.

In addition, the planning was to rebuild the Lavraga villa from the Prefecture and to function as a Center for Study, Rescue and Dissemination of Ionian Music, as was the design of the late musicologist and writer George Raftopoulos who devoted much of his life to his study the work of Dionysios Lavraga and the exploitation of the family Alsos of the great composer in Razata, with the “Dionysios Lavragas” Music Company that he had created since 1984.


It is positive that even after 13 years, the construction of an important and essential for Kefalonia cultural project will be launched, which will stimulate cultural creation.

We asked for a statement from the project’s initiator, former Mayor Makis Forte, who was commissioned to study the Open Theater “Dionysios Lavragas”, which is to be implemented with the necessary price updates and the preparation of a supplementary study and for the restoration of the residence Lavraga and the integration of the project into the INTERREG program by Regional Governor Thodoros Galiatsatos.

The statement by Makis Forte


“Even with a delay of 13 years, the big vision of the construction of the Argostoli Open Theater in the site of the historical monument of Alsos Lavraga in Razata is realized, according to the study of the architect engineer Andreas Giolazis that was completed in 2006.

A new period for the cultural creation of Argostoli and the whole of Kefalonia begins.

I hope that the construction of the project will not be delayed and at the same time the intervention in the area will be completed by the restoration of the Lavraga house and the creation of the Center for the Study, Rescue and Dissemination of the Ionian Music, devoted to the memory of Dionysios Lavragas and the late musicologist George Raftopoulos he devoted much of his life to the exploitation of Alsace for this purpose.   

Objectively, the initiative of Regional Governor Theodoros Galiatsatos has a political and historical value. Politics because at last Cephalonia of culture acquires Open Theater by applying a perfect study and historical because the exploitation of Alsos Lavraga is a due honor in the Ionian Music and personally to the great Kephalonian composer Dionysios Lavraga “.

Editor: Eleni D. Hioni