New project to improve and extend the landfill site in Kefalonia

The Mayor of Argostoli informs

With the no. EYD / OP YEMEPERA 2483 / 13-03-2020 Decision of the Special Service for the Management of the   Operational Program “Transport Infrastructure, Environment & Sustainable Development” of the Ministry of Development and Investment, has been incorporated into the NSRF 2014-2020 (expiry date 31/12) 2022), the Act entitled “INTEGRATED WASTE MANAGEMENT” .

The project has a total budget of € 7,304,196.56 and includes the execution of all the projects required to complete and upgrade the existing Recovery and Disposal Facilities (OEDS) at the location of “Pallosti” Kefalonia.

The project extends the plant’s operating life by at least 25 years and upgrades the entire treatment system by recovering recyclable materials from residual mixed municipal waste and composting the stream of biodiesel.

It is also safe to dispose of the treatment residues in a new landfill cell, according to the provisions of the revised PSEDA. Ionian Islands, aiming to achieve the new quantitative and qualitative objectives of the ECHR. (2015) and Directive 2008/98 / EC.

 From the Mayor’s Office

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