It was unanimously approved by the Regional Council of the Ionian Islands to submit a proposal for the action “CONSTRUCTION OF ROAD AIRPORT AIRPORT – KARANIA”, amounting to 10.035.600 euros, under the ION71 call for the Ionian Islands Operational Program (NSRF).

The operation concerns the construction of a new road that will connect Kefalonia Airport with the provincial road Argostoli-Poros-Skala in the section of the Krania area. Also the new road will connect three existing provincial streets, the province. Argostoli-Airport Street, Argostoli Provincial-Lakithra and Provinces. Argostoli Street-Poros.

This particular project is characterised as one of the most important road infrastructure projects for Kefalonia, which is taking the road to realisation by upgrading the wider region, as it will significantly decongest Argostoli and on the other hand the access time to the tourist areas will be significantly reduced. 
According to the Advanced Road Identification Study – Preliminary Node Study is a Class AII road with a total length of 6,030m and study speed Ve = 60-70km / h. 
For the connection of the local road network with the new motorway there are 9 level nodes. Finally, the construction of a large technical rural roadway is planned. 
The project will be implemented through the following sub-projects: 
1.Archea-Krania Road
2.Apostalination of the Airport-Krania 
Road Axis 3.Planning of the Airport-Krania 
4.Apartment of Public Utilities (OKO) of the Airport-Krania Road

Updates and information will be added as they come from local press