New road traffic code being prepared and changes in fines administration

The phone call from the Police to the offending drivers of traffic regulations will no longer be used and everyone will pay the fine, while the Point System will be activated immediately.

This is one of the changes provided for in the new Road Traffic Code prepared by the Ministry of Transport.

The changes promoted by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport in the field of road safety and the road regulations were presented by the Deputy Minister of Infrastructure and Transport, Giannis Kefalogiannis in the presentation of the SAFESTRIP system, at an event of the Institute of Sustainable Mobility and Transport Networks of the National Research Center.

Regarding the certificates and registrations of violations, but also the calls with fines, Mr. Kefalogiannis stressed that they will now be made by electronic means.
Characteristically, he stated that the certificates and registrations of the violations of the regulations will be done by electronic means, since in many cases the driver is not present (eg violation of illegal parking, excessive speed). Also, the possibility of electronic payment of the violation will be given through e banking or ATM. In case of non-payment of a fine (on time) the offender will see it certified in TAXIS.

The main interventions in the Road Traffic Code concern:

  • the categorization of infringements by degree of risk,
  • the separation of penalties based on road behavior and vehicle safety,
  • reducing the average speed in residential areas,
  • setting the framework for safe traffic of new vehicle categories (micro-mobility),
  • the mandatory use of a helmet for bicycle users up to 12 years old,
  • the adoption of low fines, but also their increase in cases of late payment.

The Undersecretary of Transport announced the digitization of the confirmation and collection of KOK violations, in collaboration with the Ministry of Digital Government, and the activation of the Point System.
According to Deputy Minister Giannis Kefalogiannis, the goal is to establish a mechanism so that the fines are invested in projects to strengthen the level of road safety in the same municipality through a Road Safety Fund. The Local Government can utilize these resources through the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans.

The SAFESTRIP project
The pioneering project SAFESTRIP (SAFE and green Sensor Technologies for self-explaining and forgiving Road Interactive Applications) is a Greek patent, which transmits in real time dynamic information related to the road, environmental and traffic conditions in vehicles, through application. Such as traction due to road conditions and weather conditions, road speed limit, traffic jams and any problems at exits, oncoming cars or trains (on unguarded crossings), but also the possibility of automatic payment of tolls (“virtual” tolls) or automatic payment of parking city.

This technology, which is low cost, works whether the vehicles are autonomous, equipped with advanced (cooperative or not) systems or not equipped. Safety information is collected and shared in vehicles via a micro and nano sensor device that is integrated into the infrastructure, without intrusive, time consuming and costly procedures and constitutes the so-called “strip”.

This is a significant improvement in the operation of Collaborative Intelligent Transport Systems. SAFE STRIP started the first round of pilot tests on Attiki Odos and continued in Spain and Italy.

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