New Road Traffic Penalties:more than three years in prison for some offenses

Fatigue and over speeding are the most common causes of accidents, mainly from truck, bus and corporate car drivers. Road traffic accidents have been the leading cause of industrial accidents in industrial countries for many years.

The new law aspires to create a new driving behavior for drivers, as the consequences are serious.

The new Penal Code – N 4619/2019 (Government Gazette A 95 / 11.6.2019) voted by the Greek Parliament at the beginning of the month with effect from 1 July, effectively repeals the Criminal Code in force since 1 January 1951 and the radical restructuring of the penalty system, the abolition of anachronistic provisions, the elimination of wrongdoing and the rationalization of financial crimes.

So under the new Code of anyone who drives a vehicle having consumed an amount of alcohol or having done drugs or are physically and mentally exhausted, or drives a vehicle on national or regional roads reverse the tide of each direction, leading to footpaths, sidewalks or squares, or if drives a vehicle technically insecure or unsafe manner loaded punished albeit not provided heavier penalties to other provisions; with imprisonment up to three years or a fine if the act was common the danger to strange things. Punishable by imprisonment of at least one year, if the act was a risk for humans, with imprisonment up to ten years if the act resulted in serious physical harm humans, with imprisonment of at least ten years if it resulted in the death of another person.

Finally, anyone who leads dangerously through negligence and by this act has a common risk for strange things or for a person is punished by imprisonment of up to two years or a fine.

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