New storm ‘Geryionis’ to bring heavy rains and strong winds

A new wave of severe weather , “Geryionis”, as dubbed by the meteo meteo service of the National Observatory of Athens under the ancient mythical being, is expected from Sunday night and from the west, to affect Greece.

Its main features will be heavy rains and thunderstorms and very strong southeast winds.

It is noted that as of Friday , bad weather is sweeping the island of Thassos and Halkidiki , with torrents luring IX and residents fleeing their homes.

Monday will affect the whole country and on Tuesday mainly the eastern and southern parts, and it is estimated that significant amounts of rain will fall overall, which could create local problems.

Geryonon brings heavy rains and stromg winds
On Saturday, rain is expected throughout the country at times, with little local rainfall, mainly in the west, north and east of the Aegean, as well as possible isolated thunderstorms mainly above sea level. During the night and early morning hours, visibility in many areas will be limited and local fogs will form.  

Temperatures will fluctuate in western Macedonia from 2 to 13 degrees, in northern Greece from 5 to 15 degrees, in Epirus from 7 to 19 degrees, in central Greece from 6 to 18 degrees, in western and southern Greece from 10 to 19 degrees. continents from 8 to 20 degrees, the Ionian Islands from 12 to 19 degrees, and the Aegean islands and Crete from 11 to 21 degrees Celsius.

The winds in the Aegean will blow from different directions with intensities of up to 4 beaufort, while in the northern seabirds will be dominated by northeast winds of 4 to 5 beaufort.

In the Ionian, the winds will blow southeast to moderate, 3 to 5 beaufort, and from the nighttime strong 6 beaufort, with further significant night-time gusts.  

Attica is expected to occasionally increase precipitation with the possibility of temporary rainy weather. The winds will blow east-northeast with intensities of up to 4 beauforts. Temperatures in the city of Athens will range from 12 to 18 degrees.  

Thunderstorms are expected in Thessaloniki with heavy local rain, especially in the morning. Visibility will be limited at night and early in the morning. The winds will blow from east to weak to almost moderate, 3 to 4 beaufort. Downtown temperatures will range from 9 to 14 degrees.

Who was “Girionis” 
According to Wikipedia, in Greek mythology Geryonis  (from the verb  gryo  = shout, squash) was a trisomic or triceps giant, son of Chrysoras or god Poseidon and Kallirrois, daughter of Oceanus. In both versions, he is the grandson of Medusa  Gorgos . It is also known by the names of  Gironion, Gironion  and  Giron .

Also known in Greek mythology are the oxen of Geryon through the tenth work of Hercules, the object of which was their abduction.

Gerion had entrusted the guarding of their animals to two guards, Eurytheon and Orthros. Evriton was the son of Mars and Erythias. Orthros was a terrific dog, son of Hurricane and Echidna. It had two heads and an extra seven snake heads.

As soon as the hero arrived at Eretvia, and after spending his night on Mount Abbas, he was confronted by the two guardians of the animals. Both Orthros and Evriton found a tragic death from Hercules’ bat. Then Menoioti, the guardian of the ox of Hades, informed Gerion of the events, so he rushed to confront the invader. Hercules succeeded in annihilating Geryon after shooting him with his arrows.

On the way back, Hercules faced many adventures. When he finally returned to Greece and specifically to Amvrakia, an oyster sent by Hera scattered the herd of oxen in the mountains of Thrace. The hero managed to save most of his life. The rest stayed in the mountains and went wild.

Finally Hercules arrived at Mycenae, delivering the oxen to Eurystheus, who sacrificed them to the goddess Hera.

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