New wave of bad weather from Sunday noon to Tuesday

Lightning strike Argostoli Bay 23rd January 2019

Meteorologist Yiannis Kallianos warned of a new wave of bad weather this coming Monday.

The ND MP demanded that the state mechanism be alerted by speaking on “Theme 104.6”, while adding that “we should prepare for the bad weather”, as “a very important barometric low is coming from Italy”.

According to the same main characteristic of the bad weather will be heavy and persistent rain and thunderstorms that will sweep across the country “from Sunday noon to Tuesday noon”. “It will rain pretty hard in several areas of the country. The thunderstorms will last for a while while the south winds will be greatly enhanced and will reach 8 Beaufort, “Yiannis Kallianos told the radio station.

Fears of flooding due to bad weather
Finally, according to the meteorologist’s assessment of the severe weather, it is not excluded that they will face problems with flooding in both western and southern Greece.

Locally modelling shows the main impact of the storm will pass to the south of Kefalonia.

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