New Winter storm ωκεανισ (Oceans) is due to hit us this weekend

Locally in Kefalonia at present are forecasting Beaufort 8 winds from Saturday through to Monday with temperatures down to 3 to 4 degrees Celsius and rain.


Cold invasion comes in the next 24 hours and meteorologists warn of the extreme weather phenomena that will bring the new bad weather with the name ” Oceans “.

As Giannis Kalianas said at , bad weather is expected to hit our country from Friday afternoon to Saturday. The bad weather will start from Northern Greece and its main features will be the great drop in temperature and snowfall even at low altitudes.

“I wish I could come because I am a snow-schooler, though I am sad about the homeless, the stray animals. But we still have to wait 24 hours to see, “he says at

Boundary whether it will snow in the center of Athens

From the northern suburbs and southern it seems to be “marginal”. “If it is snow or snow, if it turns snow in the center of Athens, it is not very easy to predict it, we will know it tomorrow night. From tomorrow, we will harmonize all models in a particular course that we will analyze. “

Strong weather in Thessaly and Evia

Giannis Kallianos stressed at “  , “north of Attica, towards Viotia Fthiotida, Thessaly, Macedonia-Thrace will be difficult. Especially in Thessaly, Eastern Sterea but also in Evia, I think the residents will experience historical snowfall. “

In any case, he argues: “As time passes and reaching the weekend, it seems that it will be a difficult situation with a rapid drop in temperature of 10 to 12 degrees compared to the previous days, with heavy snowfall in the central and northern and windy winds which will reach 9 to 10 but also 11 Beauforts. “

“It is clear that from Saturday afternoon and then southern regions of mainland Greece, that is to say, from Thessaly and south, the weather will become purely winter. In Attica on Sunday for example the temperature will not exceed 4 to 5 degrees in the city center, that means we will have a drop of up to 12 points within less than 48 hours. In the northern suburbs the temperature will not exceed 1 to 2 degrees above zero, and there will be a drop of 12 to 13 points. This situation will be maintained on Monday with some slight discrepancies. Something similar will happen in Thessaloniki with mercury reaching 3 to 4 degrees and of course in the most mountainous and semi-mountainous areas to be stuck at 0 degrees Celsius. “

According to the weather, bad weather is expected to affect the country until Sunday. 

The bitter cold will be due to airborne masses of polar origin from the northwest. Expecting heavy rains and storms above sea level and heavy snowfall both in mountainous and semi-mountainous areas and in lowland areas.

In areas affected by intense rainfall, Crete is again included.

At the same time, the two-day Saturday-Sunday, very windy northeastern winds of 9-10 beaufort winds will prevail in the Aegean, while very windy winds of up to 9 beauforts will periodically affect land areas in the eastern and southern countries.  

The video shows the prognostic maps of the phenomena that will accompany the “Ocean” from Friday afternoon to Monday afternoon.

Forecasting data are still quite volatile. Details of the areas that will receive the most significant snowfall and the snowfall by region (including Attica) are expected in the next few days.

EMY Manager: There are variations between predictions

For the position of the barometric low “disagree” the prognoses, as reported by the director of the EMY, Thodoris Kolydas.

“There are large variations between predictive models for the location of barometric systems. However, a temperature drop of about 12 degrees and a northwest of 8 to 9 local 10 beauforts is expected at the weekend, “the meteorologist wrote on Twitter.

The “disagreement” is that the National Observatory of Athens predicted on Thursday morning  a four-day heavy snow that will start Saturday throughout Attica, while the EMY published maps showing a cold three days starting from Northern Greece and “Descends” to the rest of the country.

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