Next week: Extreme heat is coming for the season – It is not excluded that the temperature will “hit” 40 degrees and Sahara dust

In particular the forecast it states that “in the coming days extremely hot air masses from North Africa will cover much of Southeast Europe”, while “it will be so sudden that temperatures will be the highest in the country.” 13-14 ° C higher than the average price for the season “.

The post of Giannis Kallianos in detail
Although we are in the middle of May, it seems that in the coming days extremely warm gas masses from North Africa will cover much of southeastern Europe. There will be 2 warm waves (the 1st mild and the 2nd extreme) and the temperature will be so sudden that the maximum temperatures in the country will be 13-14 ° C higher than the average for the season. .

1st wave of bearable heat: From Monday to Wednesday

The first heat wave will not be so intense, however there will be maximum temperatures in the central and southern mainland parts of the country approaching 34-35. C. The areas where these maximum temperatures will occur will be mainly lowland areas vulnerable to the heat of Thessaly, eastern Sterea and eastern Peloponnese. On Wednesday, the western parts of the country will be mainly affected by 34 ° C in places.

On Tuesday in North Crete, there will be increased temperatures
There will be a specific part of the territory, the northern coastal parts of Crete, where during noon on Tuesday the mercury will escape even more. It will reach 36-37 ° C and probably locally 38 ° C making the conditions there very summery.

Large concentrations of dust from Africa
Due to the south winds, meteorological conditions will favor the transport of dust from Africa. It seems that the dust concentrations will be particularly high, resulting in a relative turbidity in the atmosphere for most parts of the country. This weather cocktail is strange for vulnerable groups.

2nd wave of extreme heat: From Thursday onwards

The 2nd heat wave will be even more intense and prolonged (lasting 4-5 days according to the forecast data) and in fact I could characterize it as extreme for the time we are in. It seems, according to the latest forecast data, that the gas masses that will enter our country will be even warmer, with the result that the mercury will further pull uphill.

Maybe from Thursday onwards there will be record temperatures for the season

The temperature will rise to such high levels from next Thursday (and especially from next Friday) that the average temperature will be 13-14 ° C higher than normal for the season.

At 38-39. C and possibly at 40 ° C the mercury

The temperature will rise from Thursday onwards to prices that may even be a record for the season. It seems that mainly central and southern Greece will be affected, with the mercury in these areas reaching 38-39 ° C in places and probably even 40 ° C. For example, the Thessalian plain, Kopaida in Boeotia, lowland areas of Fthiotida, areas of Attica and the eastern Peloponnese will put up a serious candidacy for the mercury to reach prices close to 38-39 ίσως C and maybe even their 40 ° C.

The only positive thing is that at night it will cool down a bit

Temperature forecast for next week (press button bottom left or drag bar)

Meteo dust map for Tuesday


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