Nikos Hardalias: First of the new Greek coronavirus weekly updates on measures and new controls

Nikos Hardalias returned from today and every Tuesday at one o’clock in the afternoon he informs us about the course of the coronavirus in Greece.

What are the top countries in imported cases and what did he say about local lockdowns.

After presenting data on the course of the coronavirus in Greece and in our neighboring countries, Mr. Hardalias said that the use of a mask and the hygiene of the hands are necessary as well as the avoidance of gatherings. 

The Undersecretary of Civil Protection gave information about the first 19 days that the country’s borders were opened regarding the coronavirus tests.

As he said from July 1 – 19, 918,032 people have entered Greece. Specifically, 620,652 people passed through the airports, 48,720 from the ports, 248,660 from the land borders. At the same time, the number of inspections during this period amounts to 127,900. Specifically, 98,284 checks were carried out at airports, 6,119 at ports and 23,497 at land borders.

The number of confirmed cases of those entering the country totals 295 from 1 to 19 July, 53 are still active, 35 are not active, the rest have returned. Serbia is the first in positive cases.

Mr. Hardalias did not rule out local lockdowns as a tool, but said that it will be very difficult to get there if we continue to work in the same way.

Regarding the festivals, Mr. Hardalias said that especially for the festivals of August 15, the final decisions will be made at the end of the month and it is still too early. 

Mr. Hardalias added that: “I personally believe that there should be no festivals in August. “I think we can agree that we can do this summer without festivals, since the risk of overcrowding is significantly higher.”

Mr. Hardalias also pointed out that 7379 inspections have been carried out and 195 companies were suspended in which overcrowding was observed. “During the holidays we relax in terms of our rhythms, not in terms of the measures we have to follow. We are on alert and the state mechanism remains on alert and all citizens to follow the rules only so we will be able to support society, tourism and our economy. ” 


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