Nikos Kourkoumelis (Kefalonia tourism minister): “The situation in Koroni is not tolerable – The first 3 months of the season are catastrophic but…”

In the show “Sta Ypogeia ei i Thea”, with Spyridoula Analyti and Christos Lambrakis, was hosted the deputy mayor of Eleios-Pronnon and Tourism Nikos Kourkoumelis.

Key topics of discussion: the developments in Koroni beach and the course of this year’s tourism.

The deputy mayor was invited to comment on the issue of the last few days with the closure of Koroni beach by an individual and how we got here. “It’s an old story and we’re all looking to see what exactly is going on. What I do know is that I took over with the beach open and accessible and now it is closed. This can not be tolerated “said Mr. Kourkoumelis, adding that there was always a path that leads to the beach and one can not go and block it.

The guest stated that in conversations that took place with the owner of the plot, he claims that the path intersects his field. “It intends to give another piece that will lead to the beach, but a lot of money will have to be spent to build a new road,” said Mr. Kourkoumelis, adding that this development (of the closure of the path) has hurt tourism, as many tourists wrote negative comments on tourist sites of international scope. He informed that a meeting will be held in Valeriano on Sunday, as many people are worried about this development, since several investments have been made in the area due to the beach.

Mr. Kourkoumelis made an assessment of the tourist season, emphasizing that the first three months were catastrophic, but the last two months have moved to satisfactory levels and people are still coming to Kefalonia. At the same time, he informed that the season will end at the end of October, while we are also lucky as the fact that no tourists will come from Scotland and the Netherlands does not affect us much. “We are mainly interested in the English. And this year we were favored in relation to other islands. “Domestic tourism also worked very well,” he said.

The deputy mayor referred briefly to the 13 actions of the Tourism Committee which are in progress, while he was asked to answer questions on his area such as the floating platform of Poros, the biological one of Skala and the fires. Referring to the fires in Kabitsata, he stressed that they were not accidental but fortunately the worst was avoided.

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