No AMKA – An adjustment is being prepared to resolve the issue regarding getting vaccinated

Legislative gap for “golden visa” holders and third-country nationals who do not have an AMKA – Can not make an appointment at the vaccination centers

They “voted” for Greece , investing in our country through the ” golden visa ” program and a percentage, at least 70% of them became permanent residents of Attica. They can not, however, make an appointment to be vaccinated, although the platform of the age group they belong to was opened because they are not entitled to AMKA from the summer of 2019. Although the legislative gap for third country nationals has been known to the Greek government since the beginning of vaccines, has not yet been resolved with the result that some either lose or risk losing their appointment.  

One such case is 60-year-old Nilufer Tarikaya, a  retiree from Turkey who bought a house in the center of Athens two years ago. He joined the Golden Visa program , which offers a five-year residence permit to foreign investors, but no work permit in Greece. Investors are required to have private insurance, so they do not have AMKA.

“The radio announces that the vaccination for people aged 60-64 has started. This is my age group. I tried the site to register, but it was not possible to identify me, because I do not have an AMKA number. Unfortunately I can not make an appointment and I am afraid that the dates of my age group will not be closed. “In a way, there is a discrimination that should be eliminated, ” Ms. Tarikaya told . The 60-year-old Turkala from Istanbul visited last week four KEP (Glyfada, Ampelokipi, Syntagma, Agia Varvara) and so many other pharmacies in her area without, however, being able to get order of priority as everyone asks for AMKA and does not accept her TIN.

“I wanted to make an appointment please” was the request of Ms. Tarikaya with the employees of KEP asking her AMKA every time. “I do not have an AMKA, I have a gold visa”. “You can not make an appointment ” was the permanent answer. Those of the approximately 8,000 holders of the “golden visa” who live in Greece and joined after the summer of 2019 remain outside the platform, when the law changed and the new government tightened the AMKA granting regime. Although it has been provided through the vaccination platform for those who do not have an AMKA to fill in the form by proceeding with the application giving their VAT number they have not received any answer. Ms. Tarikaya submitted a relevant request to from February 11 to make an appointment but without receiving any response, until February 21. 

An adjustment is being prepared to resolve the issue

Sources of the Ministry of Health acknowledge the legislative gap that has arisen and as they stressed in there will be a legislative regulation in the next period that will provide a solution to the issue, allowing the smooth vaccination of this group of citizens. No vaccination will be lost, he added. It remains unknown, however, whether these citizens will need to submit a request to the platform again or will be automatically notified as soon as the legislation in which the Ministry of Labor is involved proceeds . This will depend on the Ministry of Digital Policy that manages the platform. 

A total of 8,000 residence permits have been issued

Of the total 8,000 licenses granted since the launch of the Golden Visa program to date, 74%, or 5,927%, are for Chinese investors. They are followed by 524 Turkish investors while the trio is completed by buyers from  Russia  (322). The rest of the ranking is as follows: Lebanon (178), Egypt (166), Iran (136), Iraq (94), Jordan (66), Ukraine (56), Syria (56) and other countries (486). 

A similar problem exists for investors from the US, South Africa, India, the United Arab Emirates and Iran . Most of the “golden visa” holders settled in the country with first-degree relatives, so the number of those who can not be vaccinated is many. A similar problem is faced by those third country citizens (diplomats, students) residing in the country and do not have an AMKA as there has been no provision for them. 

“It simply came to our notice then. Greece became an example for reducing the pandemic in Europe during the first lockdown, taking the right measures in time. The archer. “May a solution be found now and so that we too can be vaccinated and fight the pandemic,” Ms. Tarikaya concluded.


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