The authorities and the residents of Northern Evia, which was hit by the catastrophic floods in the early hours of Saturday, are fighting against time . This is because the weather is expected to worsen again on Sunday , with the Civil Protection and the Fire Brigade on alert.

Floods North Evia: Dramatic images – At least 100 release

The picture with the first light of day was dramatic. Hundreds of houses were flooded and even firefighting aid was transported to the area from Central Greece to help pump water. It is characteristic that the coastal front in Achladia has suffered a huge disaster as well as in Agia Anna while the residents of Kotsikia saw the equipment of their shops and houses on the beach.

As the mayor of Mantoudi, George Tsapourniotis, told ERT, “more than 100 people were released from Agia Anna to Kotsikia”

The deputy mayor of Mantoudi, Dimitris Skopelitis , spoke to OPEN about the catastrophes caused by the bad weather ” Athena ” in Evia and broadcast images from the damage caused by the floods . As he underlined, roads have been turned into rivers and the machines are trying to clean their rubble. The images he broadcast show clearly demolished streets , squares . “The water reached 2-3 meters. sea ​​and roads have become one “. write down.  

He noted that the fire brigade helped many residents to escape from their homes and stressed that most basements of houses have been flooded and stressed that the greatest damage has occurred in the beach of Achladi and Kotsikia . Taking the catastrophic fires of August in Northern Evia as a given, he stressed that “the anti-flood works should have started yesterday. “Action must be taken quickly because otherwise we will often see such images.” underlined.

Shocking testimony of a resident of Northern Evia about the disasters

A resident of Northern Evia spoke on the same show about how he experienced the floods just a few weeks after the catastrophic fires. “All night there slept . After the fire passed and we were not burned, we almost drowned. The water came in … how did he not get the house yet “, he noted and explained that he had to go up to the upper floor of the house because the lower one flooded and filled with rubble. “Even the playground was lost, the rain even swept away the toys,” he said.

Regional Governor of Central Greece at OPEN: Very big damage to infrastructure

“Unfortunately, the damage was limited until the evening. During the night, we had very heavy rainfall, which brought in some places very serious problems “, said from his side in the show the Regional Governor of Central Greece, who spoke about problems in Vasilika as well.

“The damage to infrastructure is great, both public and private . We have flooded houses and basements. “Roads, squares and playgrounds in some places were flooded”, continued Fanis Spanos.  

Disasters in the Basilicas as well

“We are living in unprecedented situations. The damages we have suffered are great “note the residents in the Basilicas of the Municipality of Istiaia Edipsos in North Evia. The main roads were turned into rivers, houses were flooded, while problems were also noted in the provincial network.

At the same time, the mayor of Istiaia, Edipsos, Giannis Kontzias, characterizes the “expected results” as he states in a post of “The openings of the streams had progressed, the cuttings of the passing trees as well, but the interventions in the forest are still expected. Patience is running out and the margins are now over. The state must be on the brink of disaster. We have exceeded the limits of self-government long ago “.

Civil Protection is on alert

The Minister of Climate Crisis and Civil Protection Christos Stylianidis and the Deputy Minister Evangelos Tournas are in constant contact and communication with the Regional Governor of Central Greece, Fani Spanos and all local authorities, in order to provide immediate assistance to the Local Government. if necessary.

As announced by the Ministry of Climate Crisis and Civil Protection, to deal with the consequences of floods due to heavy rain that occurred yesterday, Saturday, October 9, in the evening, in the areas of Agia Anna, Agios Vassilios and Psaropouli in Evia On the part of the Fire Brigade, the forces in Northern Evia are dispersed, while the 1st EMAK and the 7th EMAK are assisting with a group of Underwater Rescue and rescue boats, as well as 2 tracked vehicles.

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