Norway: All-night for the cruise-ship evacuation


Mechanical damage was suffered by Viking Sky / Photo: RES / EPA – Frank Einar Vatne

All night continued the dramatic operation to remove the 1,300 people on board the Viking Sky cruise ship , which was mechanically damaged along the Norwegian coast.

Early in the morning of Sunday, they managed to put forward 3 of the four engines of the ship and attempted to head to the coast of Norway . According to Norwegian media, the cruise ship moves 2-3 knots. The plan is two tugs to help it bind to Molde. However, the task is difficult because of the weather and the wild waves, and the business center can not estimate how many hours it will have to reach the Molde cruise ship.

Meanwhile, there is a continuing escape of passengers with five helicopters. By about 7:00 in the morning of Sunday, 338 were transported to land. In total, 1,300 people were on the Viking Sky, including 915 passengers and 458 crew members. “Weather conditions make the transport company difficult. It takes time as each time helicopters remove 15-20 passengers, “said the press center of the rescue center, Per Fidel.

Social media users’ pictures show people sleeping where they can on board, wearing life jackets, waiting patiently for the time they get into the helicopter to reach the land and finish this incredible adventure.


The Chronicles

The Viking Sky emitted mayday after a mechanical break on the west coast of Norway, resulting in an unplanned flight. Immediately the evacuation operation was set up under extremely difficult weather conditions, as testimonies indicate that the waves even reached 10 meters.

The conditions were so difficult that even some of the ships that rushed to help faced a problem. Characteristically, the fact that a nearby ship was also mechanically damaged has resulted in some of the company’s helicopters rushing to it.

Shocking testimonies

Scrambling scenes lived by passengers , as evidenced by the many videos released on social media. In some of these, the world is even unable to stand up, while items fall.

“A wave broke a door just behind us and water immediately began to flow,” one of the passengers said. “We sat down to eat when the ship began to jerk. Water began to enter the ship. Chaos prevailed, “said American John Carrie.

“We ate lunch when the ship began to jerk. The windows in the windows were broken and water came inside. Chaos prevailed. But even the helicopter trip, I just want to forget it. It was not fun at all, “he continued.

“I have never seen anything so scary. I began to pray, prayed for the safety of all those who were on board, “she described from her side a traveler who has already reached the land, Janet Jacob. “The trip with the helicopter was scary. The winds were like a whirlwind, “he said.

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